0.1.1 released incl new cool features!

We are very proud to announce a new updated version of We have added four new features to our Saas based Magento Performance tool. These features will give you more control on scanning multible pages at once. One scan to rule them all ;-).

The new features are:

  • Select the amount of scan per run. you can choose 1,2 o 3 runs per urls. (this will give you a good medium result).
  • The max amount of pages scanned. In the first version it was only possible to scan on one page. In this new version we automatically scan all following pages linked on the submitted page.
  • The depth level of the pages scanned. Depending on your website structure you can now scan up to three levels deep.
  • Last but not least there is a hidden feature, a “Premium” one. This “Premium” version is available for Partners/Sponsors only and will gain access to all features above but than with up to 50 scans and more.

Interessed in more features and like to become a “Premium” Partner, please send us a mail: hello[at]